Healthcare, Life Science, and Technology Recruitment

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Healthcare Recruiting

From the center of the Hospital System out to the Critical Access Hospital, we recruit key hospital leadership and management positions. In addition to C-Suite talent and director level recruitment, through our network we can provide targeted recruitment for physicians, pharmacist, and physician practice management.

We understand these challenging times that leaders in healthcare are facing. We understand that having the right team is the difference between being able to execute your mission or failing your community. We will help you build the right team.

Life Science and Technology Recruiting

The life science and technology industries have a critical need for the right talent solution for the challenges they face. With more than a decade of talent search experience, we are that solution. We have a commitment to find high quality candidates for our clients in these dynamic industries. Our areas of expertise in this area include but are not limited to: regulatory affairs and quality assurance, PhD level R&D chemists, process chemists, and chemical operators (distillations and reactions), pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

As the competition for new clients, better products, and more efficient results continues to grow, long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships will be of the utmost importance in regard to securing and retaining the best of the best science and technology professionals. No matter how complex or simple the search may be, you will receive the full benefit of our focused search which can always be broadened or narrowed based on your specific needs and wants.

We make the commitment to provide a synergistic approach and will ensure the delivery of exceptional results no matter the functional area, industry sector, position level or location. Call to discuss how we can help each other achieve success.

For Clients

Our Focus:  Providing talent solutions to your problems.

As a Client, we ask you to define for us what the very successful person would have achieved in the position in the next 12 months. We then focus our search on finding people who have demonstrated past success in achieving goals similar to those you set out. The result is High Impact Talent at your business.

We understand that the candidate will need to have broad training and have broad experiences. But, for us, the phrase “must have five years experience” has little meaning. By shifting the focus from “having” to “doing”, we insure you get high performance people who can impact your work place today! We care that they can solve the problem you need solved.

We carefully screen our candidates for the “right-fit” on both sides. Prior to bringing in a candidate to you, we will have commitment from the candidate on a number of issues: salary ranges, location, and challenges they want in the work situation.

By taking care of the details and answering some of these vital questions at the beginning, you are free to focus on the important issues -- Is this person the right fit for my company? Can they make a positive impact? Can they solve the problems we need solved?

We network with people to activate the passive candidates. Talent currently employed, not looking, but open to the right opportunity when approached properly. Up to the 80% of the workforce are not actively looking for a new opportunity. How do you reach them when they aren’t reading the ads or emails? Call us, 414-525-7158.

Our process: We use an experience based qualification process that screens using the success criteria that you provide. You will only be presented candidates who have convinced us, during the recruitment process, they are capable of solving your problem and delivering to your success criteria.

Costs: We use a shared risk model for determining fees and have a variety of ways to work to fill your need for permanent placement and stay within your budget:

- Contingency Search
- Exclusive Priority Contingency Search
- Retained Search
We look forward to working with you!